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B-Movie Cast - Laid-back podcast. Causes the body to instantly relax. Avoid while driving.

Times Past Podcast - No calves harmed, but plenty of old radio shows rescued from death's door.

Grammar Girl - Short and informative. Incredibly useful if your grammar bad like me. - Mac video podcast with a likable host. A rare combination.

Mondo Movie Podcast - Two Brits share their views on horror movies. Enjoy with tea and scones.

Streaming Soundtracks - Drown out your warbling co-workers and that bloody annoying phone.

TED Talks - One click you won't regret. If you like the podcasts, take the time to watch the DVD.

This American Life - Chicago Public Radio show hosted by Ira Glass. Seriously... you haven't heard about this?

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27b/6 - Fucking hysterical. If you're leaving... this is the direction to take.

Auto-Tune The News - Probably the only way to view Fox News without projectile vomiting. - Self improvement in bite-size pieces. Now with added wisdom.

Small Mammal House - Containing neither a house, a mammal nor anything small, yet thoroughly satisfying.

Texts From Last Night - If you love to laugh, but get drowsy after reading one or two lines.

Uncomfortable Hug - How can something this funny feel so wrong?

"Why, That's Delightful!" - And worth a daily visit... unless you want to stay a miserable, humorless bastard.

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